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Duration: minimum -1hr.


Difficulty level – beginner.


What is included: SUP bord, induction from instructor, paddle, leash, life vest, dry bag 10 l.


Training level - recommended for children from 12 years and beginners, also suitable for family trips. Level of training is not required.


NOTE: SUP trip will only take place under favorable weather conditions (no rain and wind speed less than 6 m / s).


What includes the price: induction, SUP, paddle, leash, life jacket.


To bring with you: Swimming suit, Sunglasses, sun cream, bottle of water, a towel, hat.


Age limit for participants: children under 12 are admitted together with their parents, children from 12 to 16 years under the supervision of their parents.


No maximum age limit.


Number of participants: Min 2 – Max 10


Cancelation 24h prior to departure time.


If you have any question's just send us an email or simply call us!


Before boarding on board, you will be trained for paddling techniques, safety and water behavior techniques.




Any form of alcohol consumption, or other forms of drunkenness are strictly prohibited, and the money paid for the tour are not returned. 


About the tour: The tour starts from the beach at the appointed time and starts to go around in circle from the right to the left. Valea Morilor Lake is located in the park with the same name, which was designed under the architect Robert Kurz in 1950. 


Here you can visit: Cascade Staircase, which consists of 218 steps and is longer than the famous Potemkin staircase in Odessa (which has 200 steps). Red granite stairs, starting from the monument of the famous singers Ion and Doina Aldea Teodorovic. In the park grow more species of trees and shrubs such as: Canadian poplar and pyramidal poplar, wild chestnut, several species of acacia and maple, white willow, lime, ash, catalpa, black pine, Japanese Sophora. The lake was populated with carp and сrucian fish. In its waters swims wild ducks, but you can rarely see and swans. On the territory of the park is placed the Summer Theater, with a capacity of 5000 places; daytime cinematographer; children's town "Andrieș".


If you wish to paddling on the lake it is necessary to do a yearly reservation or booking